Cement Manufacturing Stages

First stage lime stone extraction, hauling and crushing

Lime stone is been extracted from plant quarry by using explosive materials, after blasting the lime stone is conveyed by big dampers and trucks to lime stone crusher with 1250 tph capacity. After crushing the lime stone is transferred to storage yard using conveying belt, on which cross belt analyzer I fixed to control the quality of crushed lime stone.

Second stage clay material extraction and crushing

Clay is been extracted by loaders and dozer from plant quarry which is 5 km fare away from plant, using big truck for transportation, Clay is crushed in 2 step crushers ( jaw and cone) crushers with 200 tph capacity. The crushed Clay is send to storage yard using conveying belt.

Third stage iron ore and sand crushing

Iron ore and sand is crushed in plant crusher with 200 tph capacity, after that the material is transported to the designated yard using belt conveyor.

Fourth stage additive material (Gypsum) crushing

Gypsum and additive material is crushed in 100 tph crusher located inside the plant, after which stored in the storage area for  it.

Storage and transportation of key raw materials

Crushed lime stone is piled in 2 piles 30000 ton capacity each one of the, the same is applied for clay, gypsum, sand and iron ore with different capacities relating to consumption percentages. All the storages area are covered with metal sheets.

Fifth stage grinding of raw materials

Lime stone and corrective materials are transported to small bins from storage area using conveying belts, so it can be dosed to grinding mill with different proportions according to the quality parameters required. The grinding equipment is called vertical roller machine, with 450 tph dry material, residue on both meshes 90 and 200 micron are 12.0 % and 1.0 % respectively. Material is transported by means of bucket elevator

Sixth stage storage of raw meal and kiln feed

Raw meal after the VRM is stored in homogenization silos called blending or CF silo, plant has 2 silos with 15000 ton capacity for each. After homogenization silos, the raw meal is dosed to the kiln using high accuracy dosing system using bucket elevators to send the material to the top of preheater stage for the kiln.

Seventh stage burning system

The burning stage consists of two parts preheater and kiln. The preheater is six stage cyclone preheater for heat exchange of hot gases with raw meal to start the clinkerization process.

The kiln is 4.8 meter diameter with 73 meter long with maximum rotation 4.5 rpm. In the discharge end of the kiln there is firing system to heat up the air which is blown in the cooler for clinker cooling down, the capacity of the kiln is 5000 tpd clinker, after cooler the clinker is stored in 2 silos with 50000 ton each capacity. Long pan conveyor is used to take the clinker from cooler up to the silos top.

Eighth stage cement grinding

Plant has two cement mills with 150 tph capacity, the cement is fine product consisting of clinker and gypsum with some additives, the finesse of cement is 330 g/cm2. Cement after that is stored in four silos 10000 ton each capacity.